Top 4 Features to Look for in a Nursing Shoe

Nursing shoes are important parts of nurses’ uniform. An excellent pair of shoes is a must-have because most nurses and other medical professionals spend nearly all their day on their feet. While a nurse is busy taking care and providing support to their patient, their shoes provide the comfort and support they need to be on their feel almost all day. Nurses should be able to stand, walk and move easily around because that is what their job demands of them.

The primary goal of any good nurse’s shoe must be to provide the nurses with the appropriate foot support they need for a comfortable wear every day. Nurses put a lot of hours of stress on their feet on a daily basis, thereby making them susceptible to foot related pain and discomfort.Some of the typical problems nurses normally have as a result of always walking and standing are arch pain, heel pain, knee pain,ankle problems, and lower back pain. These feet associated problems are all issues a nurse work through on a daily basis or had to overcome.

As a nurse, the best way to make sure that your feet can support that type of movement and steady pressure will be to know the key features to look for when buying a nursing shoe. Even though, there is no single right shoe for every nurse out there, these features make for a supportive and comfortable nursing shoe.

Nursing shoe top 4 features

Thick heel

This is the first obstacle to the impact of transferring body weight to the feet. A thick heel cup will give firmness and additional cushion to your feet as they consume the first part of the gait cycle.

Neutral heel

This provides your feet with the ability to carry your body evenly. Forget about high heels, you don’t need them as working shoes.

Roomy toe box

This feature provides your toe with the needed wiggle room to spread out and function as the balance for the weight distribution. You should try moving your toes around when testing for a roomy/spacious toe box. There should be enough space on the top area of the toe box, and with no strains by the side as you move your toes about.

Light shock absorbing sole

This provides overall support to the feet, as you walk around. There may be other features to look for aside the ones mentioned above for nurses with foot problems, but with these top features, any nurse can successfully find the support and comfort levels they need with their shoes, as they go about their duty happily.