The Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs Review

Overview of Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs

Natural Uniforms is a well-known brand with an experience of over nine years in catering to various needs of nursing professionals. The most common products nursing shoes in addition to scrubs, uniforms, lab coats have a superior quality that lasts longer. The expertise and devotion of this company have led to offer you the most comfortable and affordable nursing shoes, which are very helpful to you during long shifts. With a huge range of shoes to offer, you are assured to get one pair that meets your challenging work schedule and fits your pocket too.

Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs Features


These plastic clogs are very lightweight and comfortable to walk in. It also gives enough space for your toes and support the heels.

Non-skid soles

Natural Uniforms is highly thoughtful in understanding the needs of nurses and their problems. So, they have designed these shoes with non-skid soles, to give a stable grip on the floor on any kind of surface.

Easily Washable

You can clean these shoes with soap and water or simply throw them in the next machine wash. You will get your brand new pair of Natural Uniforms clogs in a jiffy.

Additional features:

  • Economical
  • Available in four colors –white, black, aqua and navy
  • Steady-grip sole
  • Good toe space.
  • Comfortable back strap
  • A small support at the back to support heel
  • Removable insole

Advantages of Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes / Nursing Clogs

The Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes is made from sturdy plastic to give you a durable pair of nurse shoes.  Your long shifts involving running back and forth to help patients, will no longer be a hassle. These shoes are meant to give all the care and comfort needed by the feet of a healthcare worker. They can be wiped clean daily, so you will be always sparkling.

Its back strap can be pulled up at the back of your feet for proper fit or can be pulled down to transform it into that easy to wear slip-on. The non-skid soles are guaranteed to give you a good grip on any kind of floor, so that you always put your best foot forward. These shoes are designed to give ample space at the toe, the most delicate and hurtful part if you put on a misfit shoe. But no such issue with the well-designed Natural Uniforms shoes. Just get the right size and do as much running around as you need.

Final Verdict

Nursing profession comes will all sorts of emergencies, so you need the strongest and most gripping shoes. With Natural Uniforms you get this basic need along with the relaxation and ease of wearing. This pair of shoes is rated as excellent by 60% Amazon buyers. If you are still unsure about which shoes you must buy, just try Natural Uniforms – Women’s Lightweight Nurse Shoes once. They won’t burn a hole in your pocket and chances are great that you will order these nursing shoes again soon, may be in some other color. By this review we want you to appreciate the features of Natural Uniforms and get them for a great work life.