Nurses Shoes

Nurses Shoes

Nursing shoes are extremely important element of any nurse’s uniform. As nurses spend the majority of their day on their feet taking care and providing support to their patient, a good pair of shoes is without doubt imperative. A nurse should be able to stand, walk and move easily all through their day as that is what their job requires of them. However, the constant pressure to their feet implies that they are at a high risk of regularly developing foot related pains and discomfort such as heel pain, arch pain, lower back pain, knee pain and ankle problems among others. Thus, the main purpose of any good nursing shoe would be to provide nurses with the right foot support for comfortable, long wear on regular basis.

The process of choosing nursing shoes is crucial to that of choosing professional athletic footwear. Even as there are several brands of nursing shoes to select from, a few continues to rank at the top of the list. Crocs, Nurse Mates Shoes and Urbane Nursing Shoes are most likely three (3) of the most nursing shoes. Of all nursing shoe brands, the Urbane Nursing Footwear remains one of the best sellers.

Below are a few points that elaborate the reasons why nursing shoes are the most essential for nurses compared to anything.

They help to avoid serious feet issues

Nursing shoes are specifically made to offer rest to the feet while working, so they help to avoidpain,strain or other feet issues. The conventional shoes lack this feature so they may not give the feet the needed rest for long hours, which may eventuallylead to strain or pain in the feet.

They keep you active

How can a nurse do her job actively if she has problems with her feet?

To stay active during your shift, it is important you prepare your feet ahead, and nursing shoes will do this for you. They will help to keep you active during the day by giving proper rest to the various parts of your feet.

They provide protection

Often, the job of nurse demands them to work in an environment that is filled with dangerous bacteria and sometimes, blood or other things may drop on their feet. In those situations, nursing shoes protect your feet from the direct bacteria contact. The material used for constructing the nursing shoes does not allow liquids such as blood or any other thing to penetrate the shoe.

If you want to buy nursing shoes, below are a few tips to help:

  • Buy your pair from a specialty store
  • Follow the procedure of your hospital
  • Stay away from shoes with openings
  • Assess each pair of shoes for arch support. 
  • Do not buy shoes in the morning as our feet are a little bit swollen in the morning when we wake up from sleep.

The genuine difference between enjoying the work and having a sorrowful and torturous encounter is relative to a totally supportive, relaxing and fitting pair of nursing shoes. There is a wide range of different choices that perfectly go well with the nurse’s specifications as per finding the correct shoes. Even as leather shoes are still considered the first preferred option, rubber shoes are likewise acquired more nowadays. Whether rubber or leather, the most crucial thing is to get the best nursing shoes.