Nurse Shoes Versus Sneakers

We can all agree that nurses do a fabulous job that is well worthy of the respect that they receive. The one thing most nurses cannot agree on is the best type of shoe to have on their feet. Some will swear by sneakers, while others will claim that nurse shoes are the way to go. While much of the argument is based on personal preference, there are also some nurses out there who have not tried nurse shoes yet. The fact of the matter is that nursing is not a particularly high paying profession, and many nurses choose sneakers because they are more affordable than a good pair of nurse shoes.

Frugality aside, there is also the sense of style to be considered, with some nurses believing that sneakers offer a wider variety of colors and styles than nurse shoes. The question here is whether looking stylish and saving a few pennies is better than being comfortable and having footwear that will last a whole lot longer than a pair of sneakers purchased from a mass market retailer. If you are planning on building a career than involves spending an inordinate amount of time on your feet, doesn’t it then make sense to invest in footwear that will protect your feet whilst also making you feel comfortable?

This is where nurse shoes have the edge over sneakers, as they have been specifically made for people who are on their feet well beyond the few hours that most of us have to be. Sneakers or running shoes are made for athletic endeavors, and you don’t see them being advertised as an option for nurses. This is because they have been designed to serve a specific purpose, just as nurse shies have their very own purpose.

Just because TV shows and movies show nurses running around all the time, it doesn’t mean that is what actually happens. Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet, but much of that is done simply standing in one place. Sneakers do not generally deliver the level of arch support that makes standing in one place comfortable. Nurse shoes often come in a clog style, as that allows for the level of support that makes standing in one place feel a whole lot more comfortable than it should be.

Another thing to consider when choosing between sneakers and nurse shoes is the level of protection that they offer the feet. Since sneakers are designed for athletic activities, they are usually constructed of a mesh fabric that allows the feet to breathe. While that is something that most nurses would welcome, they also know that there is the possibility of fluids and sharp object being dropped on the job, and that mesh does little to keep either out. Nurse shoes are more expensive for a reason, and that is because they have a quality of build and design that is specific to the job done by nurses. It really is worth investing in a good pair of nurse shoes if you want your time on your feet to be safe and comfortable.