Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker Review

Overview of Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

The comfort and simplicity of the Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker has won so many admirers and it will surely become your favorite footwear from the very moment you put your feet in it. It has a lightweight construction with laces to give you a perfect fit. You will never fail to appreciate the easy but strong grip of its rubber sole to give you a stable posture at your tiring workplace. The comfort of this sneaker is not compromised on the simple but elegant looks that smoothly complements your workplace attire.

Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker Features

Rubber sole for slip-free movement

These shoes have a strong, lightweight and gripping rubber sole for strong hold on ground and easy movement on any kind of surface.

Optimum heel

The Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker has 1” heel, which is of the optimal height ideal for the standing jobs like Nursing and Service industry. The footwear is appropriately balanced to minimize chances of health issues like strain on the legs and back.

Comforting Footbeds

Inners of a shoe defines its comfort and this sneaker has the ‘Purefit’ footbeds constructed with blended fibers that supports your foot sole very well. It is further enhanced with a quilted, cushioned and a non-slip insole which is removable for ease of cleaning.

Additional features:

  • Superior support to feet with a suitable arch.
  • Perfect fitting with lace.
  • Washable.
  • Economically priced
  • Wide toe area
  • Padded ankle support
  • Available in black, white and stone colors, canvas or leather material and  in varying widths

Advantages of Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker

Work is the place, where you face the most stressful hours of your day and if your shoes are not right then your job becomes an unsurmountable challenge. But if your footwear is Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker, then your job is the most enjoyable part of your life. The most essential feature for a footwear is the material and durability. This sneaker is made of canvas or leather, so is very durable.

You will appreciate the additional support and soft cushion inside along with the padded ankle support to reduce exertion on ankles and legs, thus reducing the strain on back. The wide toe box ensures that the toes are pinch and pain free throughout the day. The laces allow you to loosen or tighten the shoes at your convenience. The stretchy upper part and the soft, cushy feeling insole are great benefits at the affordable price of this great footwear, perfect for some of the hectic jobs ever known.

Final Verdict

Simplicity and comfort are two words that describe the Grasshoppers Women’s Janey Leather Lace-Up Sneaker, which is appreciated by healthcare people as well as by hospitality professionals. This pair of sneakers is rated as excellent by 77% of Amazon buyers due to its durability and ease of maintenance. This pair of sneakers is definitely going to change your perception about nurse shoes. So get these affordable sneakers and enjoy your workplace just as you enjoy a stroll in a garden.  We are offering this review to help you to identify and recognize lightweight and comfortable sneakers, and hope that we have done this job well.