Dansko Professional Clogs Review (Dansko Shoes Reviews)

Read any Dansko shoes reviews and you’ll see that nurses are crazy about this pair of shoes. Our Dansko professional clogs review will outline what we love about these shoes and why they’re great for nurses or other medical professional. Our Dansko reviews for nurses are based on our own personal feedback and also feedback from colleagues and friends who use these shoes.

Not only nurses but doctor’s, chefs and any professionals on their feet all day agree in their Dansko reviews that these are incredibly comfortable shoes for people who spend a lot of time standing at work. People really love this shoe brand!

Dansko Shoes Review

Dansko professional mule consistently came out on top in our quest to find the best shoes. Our fellow nurses absolutely love them and we agree!

These are seriously the most comfortable non slip shoes that will leave your back and legs feeling pain-free after a 12 hour shift. Many nurses agree in Dansko shoes reviews that this is the best nursing shoe.

Our Dansko reviews for nurses will show you why their professional mule is the most comfortable work shoes for nurses.

Why we love Dansko Professional Clogs:

  • Slip-on leather mule style works great for nurses and can be easily wiped clean
  • Roomy toe box make these shoes very comfortable for long periods of wear
  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom which is comparable to any athletic shoes in terms of shock absorption
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5″ and front platform measures approximately 0.75″
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Exceptional arch support for all-day comfort and support
  • Insole and orthotics can be used in these shoes

While there are a couple of different styles by this brand, we have picked the Professional Mule as the best Dansko shoes for nurses. If you want to try a slightly different style then the Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog would also work for nurses. (Despite the name being clog it is still a backed shoe but the back is slightly lower than the mule style.)

They come in a HUGE range or prints and colors so you can pick a pair shoes that suit your personality or your scrubs. To see the range of colors & prints in a drop down menu, click here.

So many of our colleagues recommend these as the best shoes for back pain reduction and we have to agree. They really do work for most foot types.

Dansko Pro XP Reviews

Women’s Dansko Pro XP are the next great innovation from Dansko. They have slip resistant outsoles and removable insoles and more lightweight feel than the traditional Dansko mules. They’re lighter, softer and a little easier on the floor. If you have tried the traditional Danskos and have found them to clunky then give the Dansko Pro XP a go.

Click here to read reviews of the Dansko Women’s Pro XP Mule and look at prices and colors.

Dansko Professional Clogs Come in a Variety of Colors and Prints

You can really have some fun with these shoes and show off your personality at work (if your uniform code allows it!) You can get them in white or black too if you’d prefer. You can also choose from a range of finishes brushed leather, suede or patent leather (but the patent leather works best for nurses.) It’s easy to find all the colors and styles available on Amazon. Click on any of the images above to get started on your search for a cool colored pair of Dansko mules.

Tips on Getting the Right Fit with Dansko Professional Clogs

They may seem large but the length is NOT supposed to be snug. Your foot is meant to slide in and the back should not touch your heel, almost as if you are wearing a clog. Your heel should be able to move up & down as you walk. You should be able to leave about one finger width of space between your heel and the back of the shoe.

They don’t come in a wide fit but many women with wide feet find them roomy enough. If you do have a very wide foot then you could get the more specialised Dansko Women’s Wide Pro XP. If you have a very wide foot, I would recommend ordering both and trying out which one works best for you.

If you have flat feet, skip the Danskos. See this guide to find the best shoe for flat feet.

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