Buying Guide- Best shoes for standing all day

Many of you must be constrained, because of your job profiles, to be on your feet for extended periods without stopping even for a minute. A few of you work on odd shifts and perform standing work. Furthermore, some of you stand behind at a counter, accept requests, or perform exhaustive, however fundamental, tasks for unappreciative supervisors so that you can pay your bills. You may have been ridden with squeezed toes, foot spasms, sweat-soaked feet, and poor curve bolster lead to agonizing, irritating, and other harrowing foot concerns.

Some of you might be the home makers, who spend most of your day, in taking care of the needs of your home and family. Wearing normal shoes may make your job even tougher. A huge number of people work in occupations that force them to be on their feet throughout the day. In case you’re one of them, it is most likely that you know the anguish of agonizing feet toward the day’s end. The more you work standing up, the more probable you are to experience the ill effects of foot pain.

Whether standing or walking at workplace, other complications like joint aches and other health problems will accompany the foot problems.While there are various approaches to counteract foot pain, the initial step is to have fitting and comfortable shoes. Making this one basic change will radically change your comfort level and so your efficiency at workplace.

You are fortunate that some manufacturers are actually concerned with this problem and have been doing a lot of innovation and research to give you the most comfortable shoes. So, you can select from a range of shoes that support you physically and are comfortable for you to stand throughout the day without any aches or pinches.

The right footwear will address your health issues and will make you look forward to your day at work.In this guide, we have tried to give you some desirable features to look into while buying shoes for standing all day occupations.

Main things to look in Standing All Day shoes

Slip Resistant Soles

Slipping is the most common issue that individuals face when they work on their feet throughout the day, so you need to ensure that you will not have this issue with your new pair of work shoes. Remember, this isn’t just humiliating, it can be a colossal risk to you and everyone around you. This is particularly genuine if you are working in a store and you may end up having everything from the shelves on the floor. That is the reason slip safe soles are most essential and are an important feature to look in the shoes for standing all the day. These shoes must have sturdy rubber or plastic that will have a goodgrip on the ground.

Material of construction

The good quality of material formaking great shoes for standing all the day, is essential. Leather is the frequently usedstuff as a part of shoes for individuals who stand throughout the day.Yet another worthwhile material is rubber. For individuals who don’t prefer leather items, this is a good alternative. Rubber shoes are suitable if you work in a place where getting your feet grimy is very common. You can easily rinse them in water and soap solution to sanitize them. They are exceptionally durable and lightweight.


Cushioning defines the comfort of a shoe and you should consider it when you wanta full day easy shoe pair. It is an important element, thata person may notice when he is having an extrahectic day at his workplace.

Low Heels

Keeping in mind the end goal to give a decent arch support to your feet, buy shoes with at least ¼ inch in heel. You should also remember not to purchase shoes with 2 inches or higher heel.

Shoes with wide toe box

The shoes with wide toe box are the best choice for you. Pick shoes which have enough wide toe boxesin order to provide spaceif you get swollen feet on a particular day.

Comfort inner surface

A decent pair of standing-all-day shoes should to be sufficiently easy to wear without any pinch and squeeze. You will need good amount of padding, a soft inner lining and a balanced sole, to lessen weight on your feet and knees. It should be cool enough to give you a sweat free walking.

Practicality and lightweight

If you are ahealthcare worker,then you need a footwearthat can becleaned easily. Engineered uppers are easy to be wipedclean. Numerous leather models will likewise be anything but difficult to clean and keep up. In case you’re working in an especially messy environment, you might need to avoid fabric or designer leather shoes. Check for the weight too. The footwear must not be too heavy to make your movements an effort.


Your shoes are your companions at work. Check for some shoes that are great in comfort and easyto wearing but also value high in affordability.

Visual Appeal

Your shoes are part of your attitude. Their fitting and looks do matter when you meet a lot of people in jobs like front desk help. So along with comfort you must see that the shoes are not shabby in look. They must not make a diva or a dude out of you. But it must be pleasant and decent looking to match your job needs.

Five Best Standing All Day Shoes

Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Skechers is an acknowledged global footwear brand that outlines, creates, and advertises stylish footwear for trend-savvy men, women and kids. The organization’s success and acceptance by global buyers, comes from the high caliber, and reasonably priced footwear that meets different needs of individuals.

Skechers offers footwear that match the desired needsofany kindof professionalwith its wide range of collection. Relaxed, loose fit and easygoing shoes, boots and sneakers featuring flexible Skechers Memory Foam insoles is like a dream come true for everyone who needthe perfect shoes in quality and style. Skechers hasincorporated creativity in technology to provide you with everything you should have in your favorite shoes.

If you are on your feet at bartending or an eatery/bar and have been searching for quite a long time for those ideal pair of shoes, then Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker are just the sneakers for you.

Theseare breathable and adaptable as they are intended tosnugly fit with asoft feel. These sneakers have garnered countless complimentsfor the durability and comfort. The flexible foam sole is sturdy and a flex-groove outsole, gives strong foothold on all kinds of floors. Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker are slip-on shoes in breathable lattice with bungee laces.

This footwear is rated with 4-5 stars by 89% of 2477 Amazon Buyers, so you can imagine its popularity. You’ll be back in your life and job with a bang, when you add these amazing Skechers shoes to your everyday schedule.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip On

Timberland has defineda new standard of craftsmanship, toughness and security when it presented a legitimate, waterproof leather boot in 1973. A worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing premium footwear, Timberland values professionals who are outdoors for most of their work durations. Timberland has been an industry pioneer in the utilization of both supportable and reused materials in its shoes.

These shoes have a heel-to-toe rocker sole design and an organized insole which gives heel-measuring and solid curve support along with brilliant grip. The Renova attributes a full-grain leather upper with Scotchgard stain insurance that keeps their appeal over a long time.

Timberland is a name that you will like to associate with when it comes to comfortable, supportive and weather resistance shoes all your outdoor work activities. However, the same level of quality, reliability and efficiency is observed when it comes to indoorjobs.It features anti fatigue technology that offers superior shock absorption in all day standing jobs providing the needed leg and back support.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Shoe, available in dark, cocoa and white color is an easy to wear leather slip on shoe. 79% of Amazon customers have rated this footwear with 4-5 stars rating, indicating that these slip-ons offer an awesome fit with zero pain.

New Balance Women’s WX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training Shoe

New Balance is devoted to offer theprofessionalsall the supportfor achieving their objectives at work. It’s been their main goal for over a century and they spend considerable money and efforts on research and development of some wonderfully comfortable shoes. They are designed to fit and relax. New Balance are the finest shoes for the same reason and are ideal for the hardworking people like you, who keep standing for long durations as a part of their jobs.

New Balance products are the ideal mix of durability and design, giving you the mobility, comfort and reliability you need in the style you always wanted. New Balance Women’s WX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training Shoe is made up of leather with slip-proof rubber sole, cushioned collar and tongue for ease of wearing, breathable cross section lining, removable EVA foam footbed for shock absorption and slip-resistant outsole. Furthermore, it is lacedup shoe to fit it according to your feet’s comfort and is striped pull-loop at heel.

The New Balance WX626 is a shoe that can make a wide range of people happy with its extremely feet-friendly design and fatigue free movement. The leather of the shoe is the right ingredient for durability and relaxed feet andan interior shank offers a lot of strength to the structure of whole shoe.

This New Balance shoe additionally features slip safe out soles that are tried and tested under ASTM F 2913-11, which meets result of 0.5 for wet, oily and foamy conditions and 0.7 for dry and wet conditions. 74% Amazon buyers of this footwear have given a 4-5 star rating so get the support and comfort you were searching for with the New Balance WX626.

Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Easy Slip-On

Looking at the need of comfort in men’s shoes, for those professionals whose have to spend their days in marketing or manufacturing industry, Clarks offers the Portland2 Easy men’s casual,which is a slip-on and amazing in looks with outstanding comfort.A shoe has the mesh lining that makes it breathable and moisture free.

The Ortholite® footbed ensures the cushioning and support for the feet all along the day. If you are concerned about its durability and traction control, then you are getting an awesome rubber outsole. These footwear are very pleasing in looks due to the sleek design, which makes them great for casual as well as semi-formal wear. They blend with any look you wish to wear.

Clarks has been very specific in choosing the  top-quality components to make its footwear, so that you have your desirable features at the quality and price, you feel happy with. Clarks Men’s Portland 2 footwear is a slip on so the ease of wearing is guaranteed. It has the perfect balance with 1.5″ heel and 0.5” platform that also ensure good grip and stability as you walk.

Most of the buyers of these great looking shoes have agreed that these are light-weight, very comfortable, have a superior fit in addition to the excellent quality, and reliability. Some of them have reported them to as comfortable as wearing a pair of socks. Such 86%satisfied Amazon buyers have made the Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Easy Slip-On a popular footwear brand by giving a rating of 4-5 stars.

Crocs Men’s Tummler Work Shoe

Crocs, Incorporation is a fast growing manufacturer, producer and retailer of footwear under the Crocs brand for men, women and kids. All Crocs brand shoes highlight Crocs’ exclusive Croslite innovation, which is a significant advancement in footwear. The Croslite material empowers Crocs to create flexible, lightweight, unmatched grip and odor resistant shoes. These features make Crocs perfect for casual wear, and recreational activities, like sailing, climbing, and hiking as well in professions like hospitality and nursing. The flexibility of the material has empowered Crocs to effectively advertise its footwear to the users on a global scale.

Crocs brand is widely known for its awesome ease and reliability. These shoes usually come in dark color to fit varying needs of individuals.Odor-resistant wool sockliner avoids dampness and keeps the feet dry and warm. Croslite material in the padded sole and out sole makes it slip and shock resistant and give extra padding which makes them one of the best shoes for standing all the day workplaces.

Crocs Men’s Tummler Work Shoe have manmade sole, Crolite insole and midsole that offers lightweight padding giving you extreme comfort.This men’s slip on is set in an oiled leather upper for an excellent loafer look. With about 77% Amazon buyers giving it a 4-5 star rating these are the loafers that you can use to make most of your recreation time with an easygoing effort at your workplace.

Final Suggestion   

I have only one intention of writing this buyer guidance and that is to help you in buyinga good pair of shoes that lets you stand and that stands by you, in your long standing work hours. I have selected five best shoes for standing all day which have been rated very high on the parameters of comfort, durability and reliability.Keep them in mind the mentioned desirable features and choose the perfect footwear for you to keep you running at your workplace. Using good shoes will increase effectiveness and efficiency of your work. Read more about best shoes for nurses in 2020 now to check best shoes.

In case you’re in a situation that needs a dressier and expert look, you should seriously think about the Skechers range. It’s among the most comfortable shoes for standing throughout the day. They’re as good for men as for the women, with a lot of savvy style alternatives. Users of Skechers have been relying on these shoes for many years. But if you fancy a casual look with a professional attitude at your all day standing job, then you could select the Crocs. Other than being extremely easy to wear and lightweight, they can be easily cleaned without any elaborate maintenance mechanism

If you still have some problems in finding the right pair of footwear, then browse on the online sites like Amazon to explore wide range of standing all day category shoes. Here you will surely get something that will make you order it immediately. And moreover a huge number of unbiased feedbacks and reviews will help you in taking your best decision.  So buy the best shoes for standing all day and have a successful day at you workplace.